List Of Fragile Items – Pay Extra Attention to Packing and Prevent Damages during Relocation

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Sometimes, all it takes a couple of ignored safety tips, a bit of careless packing and sense of overconfidence to turn a hassle free move into a disastrous relocation. If you are able to sort out things that are more likely to get damaged during the move, you could protect them from being broken. For your understanding, we have prepared … Read More

Why Do You Need a Pre-Move Survey?

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Whether you are moving just a few miles away or across the city, packing and moving from one place to another is a tedious task. There are several steps involved in the process of moving, and pre-move survey is one among them. In this article, let’s see what is pre-move survey and why it is important.    What is A … Read More

Is It Worth Hiring A Moving Company To Move A Single Item?

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Every moving scenario is distinctive and each relocation has its own particular requirements. Moving across the city is different from moving across the state, and you need different kinds of moving services for each specific relocation instance. When it comes to moving a single heavy item or a large piece of furniture, many people wonder if they can hire a … Read More

How To Pack Your Kitchen During A House Move?

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When it comes to packing for a house move, most people get scared of the kitchen, with all the appliances, dishes and other items that are crowded onto the shelves. If you are not careful while packing, you risk finding shattered glasswares and broken dishes when you unpack the boxes in your new home. To help with packing your kitchen, … Read More

Step-By-Step Guide to Unpack Your Goods In Your New House

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It’s quite easy to become unorganised in the spell of moving, especially when unpacking your goods and settling into your new house. Even if you have people to help you with unloading your belongings, unpacking can still become a nightmare.  To ease out the stress associated with organising your goods, check out some of our unpacking tips. Sort Your Boxes: … Read More

Four Mistakes To Avoid When You Move Your House Or Office

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If you want to move your office or house, you want the process to go as smoothly as possible. No matter how careful you are, there are chances for you to commit some mistakes that may result in total chaos. In this article, we have listed down the most common house moving mistakes that you should avoid. Not Planning In … Read More

Moving from Brunswick to Thornbury

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One of the most exciting and challenging parts of the Moving Men lifestyle is the unpredictability of the job. This particular task we had this week was a small local move from Brunswick to Thornbury that turned out to be larger than expected! We started the day off with one truck, up and ready to go, until we arrived and … Read More

Hiring Melbourne Removalists VS DIY Moving – Which One Is Better?

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Should I move my house myself or hire moving companies in Melbourne? This is a question that arises in the minds of millions of people. Though the answer to this question will differ from one person to another, let’s see the mystery in this article in detail. Generally moving is tedious, stressful, time-consuming and expensive, so you should not take … Read More

Four Tips to Move Your House in Summer

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Summer is finally here. This means that the moving season has officially begun. So, don’t be surprised if you come across a lot of moving trucks passing by. Summer is the time when most people plan their house moving as those rainy days are far gone. However, don’t let your hopes go up. Moving in summer is not as easy … Read More

Moving from Vermont to Wodonga

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Moving Men Removals were recently engaged in Vermont for a job where packing services as well as removal services were required. The house in Vermont was a three bedroom house with a large backyard and garage. The clients had lived in Vermont for a significant period of time and were moving to Wodonga. Moving Men Removals arrived the day before … Read More