List Of Fragile Items – Pay Extra Attention to Packing and Prevent Damages during Relocation

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Sometimes, all it takes a couple of ignored safety tips, a bit of careless packing and sense of overconfidence to turn a hassle free move into a disastrous relocation. If you are able to sort out things that are more likely to get damaged during the move, you could protect them from being broken. For your understanding, we have prepared a list of most frequently damaged items during a move.


When it comes to packing your glassware, you need to pack every piece individually using proper packing supplies and techniques. Use high quality boxes with dividers to prevent glass contact during the move.


Delicate chinaware, precious plates, bowls and mugs are more susceptible to scratches, chipping and shattering during transit. You can wrap these items using old clothing which can serve as a cushion for your crockery.


Mirrors are highly fragile that they are more likely to get broken during the move. You can tape along the corners of the mirror to secure its structural integrity and wrap it in a packing paper before placing it in the moving box.

Electronic Items:

Electronic goods such as a flat TV can get damaged if proper care is not taken during the transit. As they are an investment, you must pay utmost care while moving them to avoid the cost of replacing them. You can use the original packing box, but make sure you cover it using bubble wrap.


 Plants are fragile in nature, and that’s why they are in the list of frequently damaged items during relocation. The best thing you can do is to stop watering them a couple of days before your move. Prune loose branches and use ties to separate plants from one another.

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