Preserving Your Art Collection: Tips for Safely Moving Valuable Artwork

John SekulicRemovals Tips

Moving valuable artwork can be a nerve-wracking experience. Whether you’re an art collector, gallery owner, or simply someone with cherished pieces, ensuring the safe transport of your precious artwork is essential. While moving companies in Melbourne can help you with moving your artworks safely, the following tips will help you preserve its beauty during the journey.

Proper Packing and Crating

One of the most critical aspects of moving valuable artwork is proper packing and crating. Each piece should be carefully wrapped in acid-free paper, bubble wrap, or foam cushioning. Use custom crates for valuable sculptures and larger artwork to provide maximum protection against shocks and vibrations during transit.

Climate Control

Maintaining the right climate is crucial for preserving the integrity of artwork. Extremes in temperature and humidity can cause irreversible damage. Ensure that the moving vehicle has climate control capabilities to maintain a stable environment for your artwork.

Inventory and Documentation

Create a detailed inventory of all the artwork you’re moving. Photograph each piece from multiple angles and keep digital records. Having documentation can help with insurance claims and can serve as a reference for verifying the condition of the artwork upon arrival.

Hire Professional Art Movers

Artwork requires specialised handling, and hiring professional removalists in Melbourne is a wise choice. Look for movers experienced in transporting valuable artwork. They will have the expertise and equipment to ensure the safe relocation of your pieces.

Insurance Coverage

Don’t overlook the importance of insurance coverage for your artwork during the move. Check with your insurance provider to see if your existing policy covers artwork during transit. If not, consider purchasing additional insurance or discussing coverage options with your chosen moving company.

Transport Security

Security during transit is essential. Ensure that the moving vehicle has advanced security features, such as GPS tracking, and inquire about the company’s security protocols. You want to know your artwork is in safe hands.

Unpacking and Installation

Once your artwork reaches its destination, be equally cautious during the unpacking and installation process. Handle each piece with care and use professional art installers if needed to ensure proper hanging and display.

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