How To Pack Your Kitchen During A House Move?

John SekulicHouse Movers

When it comes to packing for a house move, most people get scared of the kitchen, with all the appliances, dishes and other items that are crowded onto the shelves. If you are not careful while packing, you risk finding shattered glasswares and broken dishes when you unpack the boxes in your new home. To help with packing your kitchen, we have come up with a few tips that help you avoid the common packing mistakes.      


If you have the original boxes of your appliances, you can use them. Otherwise, you can get some medium-sized packing boxes to get the job done. Wrap the smaller parts and delicate items in bubble wrap and then using packing paper. First, place the appliance in the box, followed by lighter and smaller pieces on top.

Dining Sets:

Wrap up each piece of dinnerware with a packing paper and stack it one by one in the box. Also, place an extra layer of bubble wrap in between the dishes to prevent breakages. For coffee mugs and wineglasses, you can wrap them in clothes to save the expense of bubble wrap.

 Pots & Pans:

To pack your pots and pans, grab some large-sized boxes. Place the larger pot or pan at the bottom and stack the remaining pots one by one in the box. If the box is large enough to accommodate lids, wrap them with packing paper and place them below the handles of the pans. If not, it is better to use separate box to pack the lids of pots and pans.

Packing Groceries:

This is one of the most tedious jobs that need some patience to complete. Sort through the items and get rid of anything that is expired. If there are some food items that you no longer want, but are in edible condition, you can donate them to someone. When it comes to packing, make sure every item is well-sealed before placing it in the box.

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