Moving from Vermont to Wodonga

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Moving Men Removals were recently engaged in Vermont for a job where packing services as well as removal services were required. The house in Vermont was a three bedroom house with a large backyard and garage.

The clients had lived in Vermont for a significant period of time and were moving to Wodonga. Moving Men Removals arrived the day before the move to pack up the house. The house contained a large number of items that required packing including cutlery, statues, and old and fragile furniture that needed to be bubble-wrapped.

A good method of packing delices is to line the boxes with crumpled paper and to wrap all delicate glass and ceramic with paper as well. Bubble wrap can be used for bigger items that go into the boxes such as blenders, coffee filter pots, and juicers. What more is to be kept in mind is that the boxes are filled right to the top but not overfilled so that the box does not close. It is also essential to line the boxes with paper at the top and the bottom since they would have to be stacked one on top of the other.

We may also use bubble wrap to protect some of your fragile furniture. For this home, the owners had a beautiful antique dresser with thin pencil legs. This required us to dismantle the mirror and bubble wrap it separately and also bubble wrap the legs of the dresser and the chairs.

However, the challenges that we faced, as we have often seen before, is transporting the headboards of the beds. If the headboards are significantly big such as a king super or a queen super-sized bed, it becomes difficult to transport that at the back of the truck. In order to make sure that there are no gaps between the items and everything is well secured, we secured the headboard parallel to the side of the truck above the items that had already been loaded. This allowed us to not waste any extra space that can be used to secure other bigger furniture to the side of the truck.

While the packing and loading was done on one day, the items were transported the next day. We would often suggest this if there are a lot of items that need to be packed and removed and the distance between the two destinations is huge such as Vermont to Wodonga.

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