Moving From Sunbury to Moama

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Removalist Sunbury

As a business, our greatest satisfaction are our regular customers. Getting recognized for our good service and being recommended to other people is what we look for. And that is just what we got last week, when the Moving Men Removals were contacted for their services in the suburbs of Sunbury.

After having helped a certain customer with our packing and moving services, we were recommended to their parents who wanted to move from Sunbury to Moama near Echuca. Keeping in mind that every move is different, Moving Men Removals are always prepared with on-the-spot solutions with their quick thinking to come up with the best possible alternative in any given scenario. 

We were faced with a similar situation for this move as well, when we saw the excessive amount of furniture that the customer had. For large moves like this, we take the 6-tonne truck. However, for this service, our biggest truck not sufficient for all the furniture that the customer had. Since it is a day long trip from Sunbury to Moama, the option of multiple trips was not an option. Instead, alternate options were discussed with the customers and the decision to move the rest of the furniture on another day was finalized. 

Since the furniture was already packed but could not be moved to Moama, we kept the furniture at the Monash Self Storage in Brunswick. 

Seeing as not all the moves can be made at once, Moving Men Removals has alternate recommendations for storage if the distance is too long for multiple trips. 

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