Why You Should Not Handle Your Piano Moving Yourself?

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Whether you want to move your piano to a new house or to another room, it could be difficult to figure out about moving your piano due to their heavy weight and intricate parts. If you think of moving a piano on your own, here are some reasons as to why you must entrust the job to the Melbourne removalistsand should not tackle it on your own.  

Piano Is Not Furniture:

Piano is quite different from any other piece of furniture in your home. They weigh several hundred kilograms and have so many components, including keys, pedals and wires. These gears can get damaged or break when mishandled, so you should not try to relocate it on your own.

Need Special Equipment:

Piano movers not only have necessary skills but are also equipped with special tools that help them relocate the pianos securely and safely. Equipment such as piano dollies and skid boards are required to move heavy pianos from one place to another. If you choose to move the piano yourself, you should invest on such specialised equipment.

Damage Surrounding Space:

Without proper training and experience, there is a high possibility of dropping the piano during the move. In that case, you will cause extensive damages to the piano and to the surrounding spaces such as floors, doors and walls.

You Could Get Hurt:

Attempting to moving a piano yourself leads to injury – you might hurt your back or smash your fingers and toes. As already said, pianos weigh several hundred pounds and can injure the person moving it if dropped. Moreover, untrained movers can hurt their backs from incorrect handling.

What’s The Better Way to Move a Piano?

Choosing a professional moving company in Melbourne is the best option when looking to relocate your piano. Moving Men Removals, one of the leading Melbourne moving companies, has a team of professional piano movers who can make your move completely stress-free and safe. Entrusting your item with our experienced removalists facilitates reduced risk of injury and less chance of damage to the piano and the surrounding spaces.

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