What Are The Essential Packing Materials For House Moving?

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Everyone knows how tedious house moving in Melbourne can be. The more organised you are, the better and easier your move will be. Proper packing of your household items is important as the safety of your belongings depend on how well you are packing your goods. If you are planning for do-it-yourself packing, here is a list of the most essential packing materials that you will need to pack your goods safely.

Moving Boxes:

When you hear the word ‘moving’, the first item that comes to your mind is a large pile of packing boxes. There is a good reason for it to be so – these moving boxes can be used to pack different types of products such as clothes, books, ornaments, antiques, kitchenware, etc. It is best to buy moving boxes in different sizes as it will facilitate you to pack your belongings of all sizes and shapes easily.

Wrapping Papers:

Wrapping papers are soft and smooth, providing excellent protection to delicate and glass items. Besides providing protection, these papers serve as cushioning layers between items in a box and prevent them from shifting during the transit.

Bubble Wrap:

Bubble wraps is another crucial item that helps protecting fragile items during a move. This air-filled wrapper provides perfect protection to your glass plates, sensitive electronics and other breakable items. They tend to absorb undesirable shocks during the move as well as prevent scratching and breaking.

Masking Tapes:

Masking tapes are very essential to seal your boxes and keep the items safe and secure inside during the move. Moreover, the tapes can be used to bind your household items together, and to keep your doors and drawers of furniture from opening.

Thick, Dark Markers:

Of course, this is an essential item that goes hand-in-hand with moving boxes and masking tapes. Markers can be used to label each box so that the person who is moving the box will know the contents of it and handle with care.

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