Pros and Cons of Moving Into A Shared House

John SekulicRemovals Tips

Planning to move into a shared house? Many students and working singles prefer to live in a shared house for various reasons. Most of them stay together for social and economic factors. However, sharing a house with your friends or different housemates can be a life-changing experience when compared to living all by yourself. Here, we have listed some pros and cons of living in a shared house to help you make the right decision.


Shared Costs

The main aspect of sharing a house is because of the financial benefits. When you share along with four or five people, you share the rent and all other utility bills like electricity, gas, and TV. So, by doing this, you could use that extra money for recreation or saving purposes.

Social Skills

If you are new to the city or joining people from diverse lands in a share house, it is useful to learn any new language and embrace skills, which are influenced by various people around. By gaining different social skills, you will be able to increase your social network with new friends.

Shared Work

When you live in a share house, you will always have someone to share your cleaning, laundry, and cleaning the dishes, and home cleaning. Just like sharing your bills with your housemate, you get to share your household chores.



Lack of Privacy & Space

It will be quite annoying especially when you are an introvert. When you are sharing your house with people, you may have to handle different possibilities. Things like when you are tired and want to rest, your friend may bring in guests for dinner or when you want to cook, another person will be using it. Things like these could be exhausting if you are not able to handle it properly. 

Difference of Opinions

When you do not have the room-mates of a similar mindset, you will have to face their opinions and practices. If a group of new people is coming over to share with you, there is no chance of having a successful long-term relationship, unless the mutual practices are agreed between both. 

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