Moving To A New House? Here’s Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid

John SekulicRemovals Tips

Moving from one house to another is not just a matter of taking your things and relocating; it involves much more. It can be hectic. You must find a place to move to first, package your stuff, unloading it, and arranging it suitably.  

You can make things easier by avoiding some mistakes during relocation. Here are five mistakes that you should avoid. 

Disassembling of furniture on a moving day

For you to have a successful house moving experience, you should be very organised. Disassembling your furniture on the day of the moving is not a good idea with so much of rush. You may end up losing screws and bolts in the hurry. It is therefore recommended that you do the disassembling the day before moving. If you are not able to disassemble, you can ask for help from experts.  

Forgetting to label your boxes

This is one of the mistakes that will have our head nearly go nuts after offloading. You will not be able to know what item is where leading to utter confusion. The labelling should also not be done on the day you are moving. Doing it prior will ensure thorough packing and labelling for a smooth relocation. 

Poor and late choice of removal 

Are you planning to move your property by yourself? If yes, do you have the right means? Which furniture removalist are you scheduling with? These are the kind of questions that should be running in your mind all through the week of your shifting, not on a moving day. Planning is essential to ensure convenience. Reserving parking for movers, having a checklist to check if all property is loaded and unloaded among other vital plans will significantly contribute to a hassle-free move. 

Failing to do proper research on the new residence

You are supposed to have visited the place at least three times to have a clear image of the home. Survey for example, where you will put your furniture, which rooms will be occupied by who. You can even visualise the room arrangement. 

Not checking for insurance

Moving can cause breakages and damages. It is therefore vital to be sure your valuable items are insured to cover the costs. The removal company should be protected too. 

Avoid these mistakes, and you will be enjoying your new home within no time.