How to move your house safely in the rain

John SekulicRemovals Tips

moving in the rain image

Moving is daunting but moving in the rain can be even more challenging. If you are to move your house in the rain, safety should be a priority to avoid injuries or accidents. Therefore, wearing gloves, overall and gumboots are recommended to prevent dropping items or sliding. Here are the tips that can help you do it with ease:

1. Pack tightly

You need to use cardboard boxes because they are stronger and can withstand rain while moving. In addition, in case the box slips and falls, your items are safer because the cardboard is tougher, unlike a carton box. To ensure that the items are safe, you can use strong adhesive tape or a rope depending on the types of items you have packed.

2. Wrap the items

Since you cannot fit all the items in a box e.g. a couch, you will have to wrap them using a plastic garbage bag or a plastic bag to protect them from the rain. You can also wrap the boxes especially if you have electronic devices or other delicate items. However, since some items can become slippery when you use a slippery bag, you need to be cautious when wrapping or wait for professional movers and packers to do it for you.

3. Prepare your home

If you have hired a removalist in Melbourne to help you, you will have to prepare your home to help ease the moving process. You can start by removing personal valuable items to avoid breakages or losing them during the travel. In addition, you need to remove furniture to ease movement to and from the house when packing or removing the items. However, you just need to pack and move the items you are only required to and leave the rest to professionals.

If you have children or own pets, you need to have them ready before house removals arrive. You can take them to your neighbours or to a family member who lives nearby to avoid distractions in the house. Finally, it is important for you to be around the house in case the movers have questions or would like your opinion on something.