How to Move a Piano Safely?

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Moving a piano is a risky task. They are heavy and are valuable. Before you plan to move out, you must consider hiring professional piano movers. Especially when it comes to moving an upright piano, you need to equip yourself with relevant tools and equipment to navigate through tight spaces safely. Moreover, if you are determined to move the piano by yourself, you can follow these tips to make it successful.

Get Help

Whether it’s an old vintage piano or an upright piano, you at least need four to five people to move them safely. So, calling your friends to help can be the best option. Upright pianos are heavy on the top and are fragile on the feet. This can be a perfect time to bring your friends to help you and make the moving process as enjoyable as possible. Also, you can plan a lunch or relaxed get together encouraging their support and time.

Rent Equipment

To move your piano, you need to arm yourself with tools and equipment for lifting. Tools like heavy-duty straps, furniture dolly can help move your piano easily. Straps provide a better hold for the piano and can secure the piano to the dolly while moving in the truck.  If you are not aware of the tools, ask for piano movers in Melbourne for suggestions. They’ll guide with the right tools, so you can rent or buy the tools for depending on the piano that you’re moving.

Wrap the Piano

While wrapping the piano with padding blankets, ensure you close the keyboard lid before wrapping, as the keys are fragile, it can be easily damaged.

Lift the Piano

When you lift the piano, ensure you have people at each corner holding the straps. It is advisable not to lift the piano by its legs as they are delicate. Also, keep the piano in an upright position to lift easily. Professional piano movers recommend using wood planks to lift the piano into the truck easily.

Moving a piano is quite an exhausting and stressful process. This is why people hire professional piano movers to help them. If you are looking for a Piano Removals Melbourne, take the help of piano removalists from Moving Men Removals. For more information, call 0412 359 180 today.