How to disassemble your furniture when moving

John SekulicRemovals Tips

Moving bulky items is not only costly and tiring but also time-consuming. Therefore, if you have furniture, drawers and TV stands that you want to move, you will have to either disassemble them or pay huge moving costs because they occupy a lot of space. Most furniture removalists advise homeowners to disassemble their furniture to ease maneuver and moving. However, most people do not possess the skills nor the experience of how they can do it by themselves. You don’t have to worry, if you don’t want to leave everything to your furniture movers, you can do it yourself by following these simple steps:

1. Decide the furniture to disassemble

Even though disassembling the furniture will ease moving, some of the pieces should be left intact. Therefore, you need to determine the furniture that you can take apart and the ones that you will not have to depend on the movers you have hired, moving distance and the type of furniture. For instance, you may fail to disassemble dining chairs because you can stack them easily or fit boxes under them while moving.

2. Measure the doorways and the furniture

If some of the furniture can fit through the door, you may not have to take them apart. Furthermore, if you measure the furniture, you can tell if the pieces can fit in the moving truck or if you will have to take them apart. If you live in a storey building, you may have to measure the hallways and stairs to know if the furniture will pass through safely.

3. Get help from friends

Sometimes you don’t have to assume that you can do everything on your own. If your friends are not busy and they are willing to help, you can invite them to offer free labour. In fact, some of them might have moved previously thus possess some skills in disassembling furniture! Good friends will not only provide free labour but also ease the whole process because they can help you assemble the furniture once you settle in your new home. Remember, appreciating their effort with a bottle of wine or food/dinner is recommended.

Disassembling some furniture might require specific tools which you may have to buy or hire depending on your budget. However, if you hire a removalist in Melbourne, you can inquire if they will help you with their tools instead of buying or hiring. Alternatively, if you are busy or you don’t want to disassemble the furniture, you can hire furniture movers such as Moving Men Removals.