5 Tips to Make House Moving Hassle Free

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It’s not less than a universal truth that we all go through some hard time when it comes to moving from one place to another. Getting to a new place is always a joyful and expeditious experience; however, the whole process is very troublesome right from packing, to making the arrangements and ultimately the actual moving day. Today in the modern world, moving is no longer a rare incident since every now and then we change our jobs, change lifestyles, move for education purposes among other reasons. Affirmatively, it all comes down to the question, are there better ways of reducing the stress involved in home removals? To this end, this article will act as a comprehensive guideline on how to make your house moving hassle free, worry not.

Getting it right before, during and after house removals is what we all desire and the following steps will make your house moving hassle free:

Step 1: Get the Right Moving Company

Once you realize that you must move, it’s important that you get the right and trusted moving company, and this can be achieved through evaluating various alternatives. Some of the things you should look for in a moving company include reputation, prices and adequate insurance. Avoid brokers and backyard movers. You can also utilize referrals to better moving companies and decide.

Step 2: Figure Out a System that Works for You

Before you start packing it’s important that you decided on an organizational system that will work for you as well your family or the person you are moving with. This helps a lot since it simplifies the whole moving process making it much easier for everyone who is involved. The organisation helps you to do one thing at a time and not handling everything at the same time which is likely to lead to failure and damage to some items.

Step 3: -Start Packing

After figuring out your organisation system, you can start packing. It’s advisable that you work in one room and move to the other and that way your work will be much easier. Pack in categories; that ensures similar things are packed together, you can also divide the categories into sub-categories. You can also use boxes of different colours for different rooms and if you cannot get different colours, you can also label your boxes in relevance to their rooms as well as categories and sub-categories. You should wrap the fragile items to reduce any chances of breaking and bubble-wraps are most promising. For the valuables such as jewellery, logbooks, heirlooms among others, pack them separately and handle them yourself.

Step 4: Make a Checklist

This should come prior to the actual moving day, that is maybe a day before the actual day. Make a checklist of how your things are organised and packed. This helps much with loading and offloading and it’s also crucial for securing your items. Ensure you double check everything including all parties starting from gas, to water and electricity companies to estate agents and your removal company just to make sure everything is in order and thus reducing chances of disappointments.

Step 5: Actual Moving

Upon following the above steps, be rest assured that this will be the easiest part of it all. Nonetheless, it’s important that you make it clear to your movers about the most fragile items, what to move first and give them a list of what you are moving just to reduce any chances of disappointments or theft. After everything is loaded, do a final check through to ensure everything is in order. 

Welcome to Your New Home

Upon arrival, ensure that you check with your inventory list as everything is been offloaded to ensure all boxes and furniture among other items are present. You can also ask the movers to place the boxes among other items in respect to their rooms that way your work will be much easier.