5 Best Packing Tips from the Professional Movers

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Among the stages of moving, this is the most complex and yet crucial stage. It’s well-known that packing for the purpose of moving is a rather pain on the neck and it’s easy to point fingers when something goes wrong. Nonetheless, this article presents a lucrative guide on how to go about packing.

1. Start by Preparing

This starts by sorting your items and figuring out your best organisation system; that is, figuring out how you are going to start packing, what you really need when it comes to wrappers, markers, tape, scissors, and boxes. It’s also important that, as you sort you get rid of items you don’t require, this helps by lightening your efforts and workload. When it comes to boxes and wrappers, invest in quality rather than cheap ones which might cost you more if the item is damaged and once you have all the above on set then you are good to go.

2. Pack Room-to-Room

Packing room-to-room is very important since it helps with ensuring everything is packed in an organised manner, thus avoiding any mispack or loss of items. This also helps in ensuring heavy items are packed in heavy-duty boxes, as well as fragile items are well wrapped using the necessary material to avoid breakage.

3. Label your Boxes

It’s important that as you pack, you label your boxes as this will help with clarity. You can even pack your items in categories or even sub-categories depending on the items of each room. Alternatively, you can use different colour boxes for each room as these will help you to organize your items thus making your work easier and be able to know what goes where. If you fail to bet different colours of boxes, you can use different markers to label your boxes in respect to their rooms or categories and sub-categories.

4. Categories & Separate Packing

This can be tremendously helpful in the sense that, you ensure items are packed in respect to their fragile, valuable, size and weight nature. For instance, removing everything from the drawers to a box, separating lampshade and the bulb and wrap it, packing picture frames with things like towels in between, wrapping glasses, plates, and mugs before placing them in the boxes. Roll up any floor mats and rugs with stick tapes to ensure they don’t come undone. Disconnect all electronics and roll all cords as you keep them in respect to their appliance. Do not overpack or overwhelm the boxes. Place fragile items far from heavy ones.

5. What Not to Do During Packing

Do not pack hazardous or flammable items such as cleaning chemicals, ammonia, fire extinguisher among others with other things they should be moved separately. Do not water your plants. Do not recycle boxes or wrappers since they may be worn out. Pack your valuables separately and handle them personally. By utilising the above packing tips, you can rest assured that all your items will be safe and that it will save you a lot of trouble during offloading and unpacking since you will be able to know what goes where and what to take extra care when handling.

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